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We use only the best ingredients

We know where our ingredients come from. We know the farmers that grow them. We name each apple before we press it into juice. (Just kidding on that last one.) 
What makes us different?
Not only do we use premium ingredients, we grow some of our own. In partnership with Lewis Creek Farms, Noble is grafting and growing true cider apple varieties. Founded in the new 'Craft Brew Mecca' of Asheville and North Carolina's apple country, Noble brings together a rich local history of agriculture with this region’s exciting craft beverage industry.

Our STory

From a humble fruit comes a Noble Cider.
We started with a simple mission and very little cash! After cobbling together enough funds to build an apple press and with a few connections at local orchards, we began our journey to create Asheville's first hard cider company.
Now we make a variety of things...mead, spritzers, wine, and cider of course! 

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A few fun facts about our team.

Lief Is our Founder, Cider Maker and Production Manager, he also plays bass guitar
Robin Is Sales, Marketing and Retail Manager and was a BBC

kevin is Floor Manager and makes custom furniture
Jonathan is a sales whiz, and wears many hats around here
Josh works hard to bring you delicious ciders and is also a musician.
kYLE switched careers to craft beer once he became a daddy and used to jump out of perfectly good airplanes.
Alivia has a background in agriculture and loves to concoct new flavors.
JACKSON is extremely passionate about cider and his cat Aster
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tHE NOBLE Mission

  • Craft delicious products using premium ingredients

  • Vertically integrate from orchard to glass using sustainable practices

  • Inspire progressive food policy thru community partnerships

  • Elevate cider culture and strengthen our community overall

  • Provide an inspiring and safe work environment

  • Educate consumers in an inclusive and approachable manner

To bring inspiration & innovation to the cider experience while remaining true to our core
We focus our distribution in the South East.
Noble Cider can be found on tap and in grocery stores around the South East. Ingles, Earthfare, Whole Foods, Total Wine, Food Lion, Target--to name a few main stores in the Asheville area, and many independent bottle shops, bars and restaurants carry our products. Just ask for Noble!
Can't find our cider near you? Ask the retailer to carry Noble. And visit our online shop to have some Noble Cider shipped directly to you.


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