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Adult Spelling Bee tonight

Adult Spelling Bee on Friday, February 4, 2022!

The honey bees are experiencing a run of bad luck. Between pesticides, fungus, mite infestations, natural disasters, and global warming they just can't catch a break. Did you know that Honey bees are the most important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables? This means that they help other plants grow, and without them many of the food sources you enjoy each day would be gone. According to the NRDC In some regions, up to 90% of bees have disappeared! (From The Karma Honey Project)

The Asheville GreenWorks Bee City USA facilitates broad-based community involvement in the quest to save the bees! This structure provides a forum for the community to get involved in establishing or restoring habitat that provides food, nesting sites, and overwintering sites for pollinators.

As proprietors of food, cider, and mead, Noble Cider takes very seriously our responsibility in preserving and protecting our Honey bee population. Bees are critical partners to our food sources, and as the creators of honey, are imperative to mead-making.

Noble Cider Downtown (49 Rankin Avenue) will be holding our inaugural Adult Spelling Bee on Friday, February 4, 2022 from 6 pm until 8 pm. Proceeds from cider sales, donations for entry, and team add-ons will go toward helping Bee City Asheville retain and grow our local Honey Bee populations.

Seven teams of three will compete to win prizes from Asheville Bee Charmer, gift cards from Noble Cider, a sweet trophy, and bragging rights! Teams are encouraged to coordinate outfits and/or show up in costume. Prizes will be awarded for the best team outfits. But “bee” warned - this isn’t your grade school spelling bee! By donating to the cause, teams will be allowed to sabotage other teams to increase their chances of winning it all!

But the fun isn’t just for the competing teams… Spectators who make a donation of $5 or more receive a raffle ticket for some fabulous door prizes!

Hosted by Asheville’s very own Mitch Fortune (of Mitch’s Totally Rad Trivia fame), this promises to be a fun, fast-paced, and exciting event!

For more information or to sign up your team of three ($30 per team), email We hope to see you there!

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