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2. Meet the Chef for Noble's Bar & Bistro 'The Greenhouse'

Episode 2: La Côte Basque :: New York City, USA - 1999

With only a few days to leave Asheville for New York City, Gavin quickly packed up and drove a U-haul van to Virginia to drop off all of his worldly belongings at his parents' house and then drove the empty truck to NYC. He had no idea where he was going to live and arrived on Tuesday, the same day that he was meant to start work at La Côte Basque!

La Côte Basque was opened in the late 1950's and upon its closing in 2004 The New York Times called it a "former high-society temple of French cuisine." Chef Jean-Jacques Rachou had trained many of the city's top chefs over the years.

At the time it was almost impossible to find a room in NYC. He found a hostel to live for 6 weeks and eventually found a sub-let with some west-Indian refugees. Trevor, his brother, moved up to get a taste of NYC life and became a pastry chef there for a few weeks---before moving on to get a job in a record store to support his DJing habit.

Gavin worked at La Côte Basque for one year and learned to cook in the classic French tradition (to include the yelling and the pan-throwing by chef). He was one of the main cooks there, moving from pastry to hotline before he left to gain other experiences in different establishments.

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Nathan Adrian
Sep 06, 2022

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