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Delicious Slow-Food

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

The Greenhouse is a slow-food focused eatery and craft cocktail bar in downtown Asheville, brought to life through the dedication, inspiration, and care (as well as a handful of small miracles) by the Noble Cider family. Chef Gavin and his team are focused on curating a menu focused on quality, using only premium and locally purveyed ingredients prepared with innovative and sustainably driven techniques.

From the botanical interior to the craft cider cocktails, the living wage provided to all staff, and a low-waste focus, the vision is in providing a relaxing and unique atmosphere while crafting quality food and drinks infused with creativity and intention. If you haven't yet ventured in for dinner or drinks with us, we hope you'll find a little time to unwind with us soon. (Photo: LarderandLight)

Dinner menu, reservations and more:

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