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The 18.9 Green Salad

Sara lives 18.9 Miles away from the Greenhouse and that is why Chef Baker serves:

'The 18.9 Green Salad at the Greenhouse Restaurant. It's a Rotating Selection of Locally Foraged & Cultivated Greens'.

Who forages and cultivates these fresh picked local greens?

Sara Martin and Dustin Cornelison are a couple who are concerned with how our lifestyle affects the environment and desire to live more in harmony with the world around us.

"What sets us apart from everybody else is we manage our farm as an ecosystem, as opposed to managing it as an agricultural entity. We don't separate our farm from the environment around it. A lot of people think that there's this imaginary line in between our yards and the environment.

They don't realize that it doesn't exist, there's no wall that separates us from nature, we are a part of nature, we are a part of ecology and we dramatically affect the ecosystem.

So here at Two Trees Farm we try really hard to work in concert with all of the natural cycles.

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