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The Return of the Blue Bard

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Noble Cider Releases Spring Seasonal Blue Bard….in a CAN!

That’s right. It’s that time of year again-- the seeds are being planted, the birds are singing, and our wild Maine blueberries are being pressed and fermented for you to enjoy all season long in an ice cold glass of our spring seasonal cider, the Blue Bard.

Wild Blueberries, Honey, Rosemary...

To create this delicate blend, we start with 1500 pounds of wild Maine blueberries, which we then process through our homemade cider press. All of the pressed berries are transferred into fermentors while the blueberry juice created while pressing is frozen. While most of the berries are used for the Blue Bard, some of the skins go in a smaller fermenter to be made into our Blueberry Mead.

After the freshly pressed berries are added to the fermentor we add fresh pressed local apple juice, made from local Lewis Creek Farm apples, that we also press. We then add yeast and let the cider fermentation magic happen for about four weeks. Once that’s complete, we let the cider age for a spell, until Lief decides it’s worthy, before blending into pressed blueberry juice. And now it’s time for a little Georgia wildflower honey and fresh rosemary. And then it’s off to the canning line!

“The Blue Bard is my favorite cider that we make,” shares Co-Founder and Head Cider Maker Lief Stevens. “I love to drink it as a snakebite. A snakebite is a blend of nitro stout (like Murphy's or Guinness) and cider.” And we’re excited to offer our beloved Spring seasonal this year as the first off the canning line. Cheers friends!

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